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Rosemount Pressure Transmitters
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Emerson Process Management, the undisputed leader of industrial instrumentation, proudly provides the broadest array of pressure measurement products for pressure, flow and level applications.

Rosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter
With the Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation, you can optimize your operation in four critical areas. Learn more today!
Rosemount MultiVariable Transmitters
Measure differential pressure, static pressure, temperature and more with the Rosemount line of MultiVariable Transmitters. Learn more today!
Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitters
Reduce product variation and complexity, leveraging one device across a number applications with the Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter. Discover it today!
Rosemount 2051 Pressure Transmitters
The Rosemount 2051 family of pressure transmitters empowers you to measure pressure with confidence. Check them out today!
Rosemount 2088 Gage & Absolute Pressure Transmitters
The Rosemount 2088 is a highly reliable and accurate transmitter in a lightweight, compact package. Learn more today!
Rosemount 2090P Pulp & Paper Transmitters
The Rosemount 2090P Pressure Transmitter is available with flush mount connections that make it ideal for pulp and paper applications. Learn more today!
Rosemount 2090F Hygienic Transmitters
The Rosemount 2090F Pressure Transmitter conforms to 3-A® Sanitary Standards, designed for hygienic applications. Learn more about it today!
Rosemount 4600 Panel Mount Transmitters
The Rosemount 4600 is a compact, reliable transmitter designed to meet your panel-mount pressure measurement needs. Learn more today!

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