MTL SUM5 Smart Universal Marshalling

MTL SUM5 offers a single cabinet design, with ‘plug and play’ configurable modules for the five key marshalling functions. This eliminates the need for intricate wiring to interconnect the components, ultimately improving uptime and reducing the cost of wiring, installation and maintenance.

1 cabinet design, 5 marshalling functions

  • Intrinsically safe isolators
  • Signal conditioning
  • Relay interfaces
  • Surge protection
  • Loop disconnect

25% lower project execution costss

  • Configuration is easy – no
    requirements for specialist
  • Marshalling component
    types reduced from 20 to 7
  • SUM5 modularity allows for late
    changes in I/O type, surge, to be
    easily accommodated


  • 3m2 saving in rack room for each
    cabinet removed
  • Every cabinet eliminated saves
    270kg of weight

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VIDEO: SUM5 Smart Universal Marshalling

• Intrinsically safe isolators
• Signal conditioning
• Relay interfaces
• Surge protection
• Loop disconnect

Interface modules

MTL4-ADIO Universal analogue/digital interface
MTL4-ADIO-50 Universal analogue/digital interface (Pk 50)
MTL4-BYP* Bypass module
MTL4-BYP-50* Bypass module (Pk 50)
MTL4-TI* Temperature converter
MTL4-TI-50* Temperature converter (Pk 50)

Carriers with bases

MTL4-CS16IS 16ch universal IS carrier, screw terminals, 16 x MTL4-BSIS fitted
MTL4-CS16GP 16ch universal GP carrier, screw terminals, 16 x MTL4-BSGP fitted

Carrier only

MTL4-CS16 16ch carrier, no module bases fitted, screw terminals

Terminal bases

MTL4-BSIS Terminal base IS
MTL4-BSISR* Terminal base IS relay
MTL4-BSGP Terminal base GP
MTL4-BSGPR* Terminal base GP relay

Surge modules

MTL4-SD Plug-in surge module
MTL4-SDR* Plug-in surge for relay module
MTL4-SDT* Plug in surge for temperature inputs

Spares & Accessories

MTL4-GND Grounding module
MTL4-LNKIS-50 IS power jumper link (Pk50)
MTL4-TH-50 Spare UI tag holders (Pk50)
MTL4-ICC-50* Isolator Connector cover, for spare module bases (Pk50)
MTL4-PCS Configuration software
MTL4-PCL Configuration adaptor link
MTL4-SMK-10 Carrier surface mounting kit (Pk 10 pairs)
FUS2.5ATE5 2.5A (T) replacement fuses (Pk 10)

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