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Đèn pha chống cháy nổ Eaton Champ F2MV Mini HID

Đèn pha cao áp chống cháy nổ Eaton Crouse-Hinds CHAMP F2MV MINI HID là loại đèn pha nhỏ gọn, dễ lắp đặt để sử dụng trong các khu vực nguy hiểm Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2.

High pressure sodium (HPS) – 50, 70, 100 and 150W
Metal halide (MH) – 70, 100 and 175W
The F2MV is suitable for marine and wet locations.

  • Enclosure (housing and lens cover) – copper-free aluminum
  • Cover chain and external hardware – stainless steel
  • Lens – heat- and impact-resistant glass
  • Gaskets – silicone rubber
  • Yoke – copper-free aluminum
  • Reflector – diffused aluminum lighting sheet

Bạn quan tâm đển sản phẩm này ?

  • Unique compact shallow-profile design mounts virtually anywhere
  • Side-hinged cover with two-screw closing for easy installation and maintenance
  • Gray Corro-free™ epoxy powder coated two-piece housing provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Unique stainless steel wire guard accessory attaches without any additional hardware for easy installation and maintenance
  • Glass refractor provides uniform light distribution to eliminate glare
  • Vertical lamp design provides even lamp heat distribution for cooler operation, providing expanded hazardous area suitability
  • Silicone gaskets make luminaire suitable for enclosure Type 4X, marine, and IP66 environments
  • Available in two different conduit entry configurations to permit flexible installation and mounting
  • Four 3/4" NPT hubs, one on each side

our 3/4” NPT (one on each side) 50A CPMVS2W050
Two 1/2” NPT (on bottom) CPMVS1W050
Four 3/4” NPT (one on each side) 70 CPMVS2W070
Two 1/2” NPT (on bottom) CPMVS1W070
Four 3/4” NPT (one on each side) 100 CPMVS2W100
Two 1/2” NPT (on bottom) CPMVS1W100
Four 3/4” NPT (one on each side) 150 (for 55V lamp) CPMVS2W150
Two 1/2” NPT (on bottom) CPMVS1W150 Metal halide
Four 3/4” NPT (one on each side) 70 CPMVM2W070
Two 1/2” NPT (on bottom) CPMVM1W070
Four 3/4” NPT (one on each side) 100 CPMVM2W100
Two 1/2” NPT (on bottom) CPMVM1W100 Pulse start metal halide
Four 3/4” NPT (one on each side) 150 CPMVM2W150 S828
Two 1/2” NPT (on bottom) CPMVM1W150 S828