Power Monitoring System

Build ENERGY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION based on IoT Globiots platform



IoT Globiots is a comprehensive monitoring & management solution for energy system in modern building and factory, including electricity, water, steam, compressed air, industrial gas, refrigeration gas and fuel.



System structure of IoT Globiots energy management system 


Main functions


    Automatically collect value of energy parameters: total accumulative energy ( kWh of electricity, tonnage of steam, volume of water…), current energy consumption (power of electricity, flow of water, flow of steam…) and energy quality (voltage of electricity, pressure of water, pressure of steam…) from energy meter/sensor
    Show current statuses, historical trends and reports of energy during selected period or during time cycle
    Immediately notify abnormal alarm and event through web on PC, and through application on smartphone and tablet.
    Send scheduled email of energy reports to registered users
    Manage account, group and user. Each user is authorized relevant rights and interfaces to manage energy effectively


Highlight features


  Anywhere energy monitoring by PC, tablet and smartphone     Unified energy management for different types of energy
  Easy upgrade and expansion      Fast installation and deployment
  Cost optimization. Be suitable to manage energy from small facility to large facility     Customized function and report design based on customer request



Typical benefits


  Continuously monitor energy consumption   Accurately calculate production cost of goods
    .     .
  Facilitate to save energy usage   Control health condition of equipment and machine
    .     .
  Reduce production downtime /td>   Continuously monitor energy quality
    .     .
  Facilitate to obtain ISO50001 certificate   Promote company brand


Deployment process


Fast deployment in two steps:


Step 1: Connect power meter, gateway iConnector and server


 Connection schematic between energy meters and iConnector


Energy meters connect together and then connect to iConnector through port RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol in form of daisy chain using twisted shielded communication cable or wireless network or combination of wired connection and wireless connection. Each iConnector could connect up to 31 energy meters and monitor maximum 64 parameters. Each energy meter must have RS485 port supporting Modbus RTU communication protocol. If energy meter, sensor and equipment have no RS485 Modbus RTU port, a converter to RS485 Modbus RTU should be added.


iConnector supports a connection to different types of power meter and other energy meter/sensor/equipment as below:


Reference list of energy meter to connect to iConnector


Establish hardware connection between iConnector and on premise server or cloud server: install SIM card for 3G iConnector or plug LAN cable to Ethernet iConnector or setup WiFi network for WiFi iConnector.


Schematic of connection between  iConnector and IoT Globiots server and connection between IoT Globiots server and visualization device (PC/ tablet/ smartphone)


Step 2: Remotely configure for system, device and parameter through web


Power up for all system and sign in on web browser (Google, Chrome, Firefox…) with provided user and password to configure system, iConnector, parameter, alarm, event, dashboard interface, report, automatic email, automatic SMS, group management, and user management and then synchronize configurations to remote iConnector. After configuration, user could access software to manage energy .


Energy reports


Energy reports on PC or tablet


Energy reports on tablet or smartphone


If customer requests customized functions or customized energy reports, VTL TECH will design them with additional cost


Solution packages








Private Cloud





 Energy meter  


(if unavailable)



(if unavailable)



(if unavailable)

 iConnector    Sell    Sell    Sell
 Server + software    Provide as yearly service    Provide as yearly service    Sell

Relevant Customer

 Number of iConnector    Having few iConnectors   Having few iConnectors    Having more than ten iConnectors
 Company scope   Small and medium company having no IT department to operate and do maintenance the server and the software    Small and medium company having no IT department to operate and do maintenance the server and the software


Company requirements for private system, own logo and own theme on software


  Big company having IT department to operate and do maintenance server and software


Security policy requirement for local energy information only


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