Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor (IAQ)

SIAQ is a Smart and Modular designed Indoor Air Quality Monitor, equipped with a touch and beautiful color LCD display for easy viewing at a distance and noticing the alerts by color changing. With ModbusRTU or ModbusTCP, it can easily integrate into the existing BMS system, PLC, SCADA system in your facility, or factory. With Wifi, Ethernet, or NB-IoT version, it can connect to Globiots platform or any IoT platform for remote monitoring and data analytics. For Sigfox and LoRaWAN versions, please contact us. The device has built-in sensors to measure temperature, humidity, CO₂, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, and HCHO formaldehyde. Those advanced sensors are from Germany, Japan, and the USA to deliver the highest accuracy and stability. This professional smart IAQ monitor is used in office buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, laboratories... or any facility.
Advanced Environment Sensors

Deliver high accuracy and stable measurment

Modular Design

Allow customise the measuring easily

Touch color LCD Display

Easy view in the far distance and noticing the alerts by different colors

IoT Connectivity

Connect to Globiots or any IoT Platform via WiFi, Ethernet, NB-IoT, Sigfox, LoRaWAN

Interested with this product

Measurement All in one device to measure indoor ambient Temperature, Humidity, CO₂, PM, TVOC, and HCHO formaldehyde.
Temperature range/ resolution/ accuracy -20∼70℃/ 0.1℃/ ±0.1℃
Humidity range/ resolution/ accuracy 0∼100% RH/ 0.1% RH/ ±3.0% RH
CO₂ range/ resolution/ accuracy 0∼40000 ppm/ 10ppm/ (±30ppm + 3% reading)
HCHO range/ resolution/ accuracy/ Limit of detection 0-1000 ppb/ 1 ppb/ ±20 ppb or ±20% reading which ever is greater/ < 20 ppb
HCHO sensor life > 6 years
Mass concentration PM1.0, PM2.5, and PM10
Mass concentration range 1∼999μg/m³
Mass concentration resolution 1μg/m³
Mass concentration accuracy ±10μg/m³
Lower limit of detection 0.3μm
Time to recalibrate PM sensor 4.5 years
TVOC range/ resolution/ accuracy 160∼10000ppb/ 1ppb/ ±15% of Reading
Display None or 2.8" color touch screen LCD display
IoT Connectivity Select WiFi 2.4GHz or Ethernet or 3G-Dual Band or 4G Cat M1/NB1
SCADA Connectivity Optional ports: RS485/ModbusRTU, Ethernet or WiFi with ModbusTCP
Housing ABS plastic and Anodized Aluminum (model with LCD Display), IP20 protection
Power supply 220VAC/50Hz (adapter)
Dimension/ Net weight 120x82x55 mm/ <500g


SIAQ-WF-01-N Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, WiFi 2.4GHz, TEMPERATURE-HUMIDITY-TVOC-CO2, No display
SIAQ-WF-02-N Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, WiFi 2.4GHz, TEMPERATURE-HUMIDITY-TVOC-CO2-PM2.5-PM10, No display
SIAQ-WF-02-D28 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, WiFi 2.4GHz, TEMPERATURE-HUMIDITY-TVOC-CO2-PM2.5-PM10, 2.8" LCD with touch
SIAQ-RS485-02-D28 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, RS485 ModbusRTU output, TEMPERATURE-HUMIDITY-TVOC-CO2-PM2.5-PM10, 2.8" LCD with touch

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